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Gate Repair in Van Nuys

Driveway Gates in LA

Our Gate Repair in Van Nuys

There is a driveway gate contractor in Van Nuys that is a company that you can always count on. This is our Gates Repair Van Nuys. We have a 24 hour emergency service that shows all of our residential and commercial customers that we will always be there to answer the phones and come right out and help them with any driveway gate services that they may need. We are a gate and fence contractor that does a lot of different services from a welding service to custom made gates. Come see us today and tell us what the best driveway gate company can do for you.

Our driveway gate contractor in Van Nuys also handles phone entry systems-intercoms.  This includes residential & commercial residential entry systems. We have a ELITE, DOORKING, LINEAR programming service.  We can install and repair any of these systems. If you are looking for a  keypads telephone entry systems or a phone gate systems we are the company that you need to call.

Looking for the best driveway gate contractor around? Well we are the company for you. 

Our Gate Repair in Van Nuys has built up a reputation of always doing quality work. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company who pride ourselves in being the company that our customers can count on. Our contact information is listed below.

Gate Opener Repair

Most driveway gates used nowadays are automated. They are opened and closed automatically by a device called electric operator or opener. Each opener has a motor unit and a component that connects it to the gate. In case of a swing gate, this component is a moving arm. With a sliding unit, the component is a chain that goes over a sprocket connected to the moving panel. Gate opener repair involves the fixing of any component of the opener system from the motor and the moving gears to the exterior parts connecting the main unit to the gate. The process begins with identifying the nature, extent and cause of the problem. Then the appropriate solution is implemented. In case a component is severely damaged or broken, it is replaced with a new one. If necessary, the settings of the operator are readjusted after the repair for optimal performance.

With years of experience in the gate repair domain, we know well that some gate parts need immediate replacement when they fail to do their job right. Posts are supportive parts of swing gates and make sure the gate works properly. 

Damaged post will cause problems with the hinges and won’t let the gate close all the way. When you want the best experts for gate post replacement, trust our company. We replace rotten posts as fast as possible. When the damage is beyond repair, we remove the existing posts and install new ones giving emphasis on their foundations so that they can be stable. We specialize in gate post repair services and make sure the job is done as fast as possible. Thanks to the experience and dedication of our technicians, post replacement is completed efficiently.